Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thoughts on sweating... I need more clothes

While painting, I wore a fleece vest and sweatshirt-fleece shorts and even though I was sweating as much as ever, I didn't feel cold or icky at all. In fact, I didn't have to change clothes at all during the entire painting process, making me feel almost like a normal person!

Afterwards it occurred to me that the fleece absorbed a lot of the sweat, like wool does, which went a long way towards making me comfortable. Also, because the clothes were close-fitting, they didn't stick and then pull away and then touch my skin again, making me feel cold. I think also by not covering my arms and legs, the sweat was able to evaporate off easily and didn't make my clothes stick to me.

While I can't walk around with bare arms and legs, I can change what I wear during the day and when I go out. Instead of wearing (usually over-sized) cotton t-shirts and jeans or layers of shirts, I can wear snug acrylic or wool sweaters with wool or acrylic pants. Sweater-dresses with tights might work, too.

I don't have many of these clothes so I went out shopping today. Ian curls on Wednesday nights so I don't have to be home as early and I figured that I'd spend some time looking at clothes. I tried on a few sweater dresses and either my body has changed or manufacturers have better styles because some of them looked nice. The sleeves made my look twice as wide as I am but at least the body fit so there's hope.

I ended up not buying anything because nothing was quite right. I think I want to go to the other mall closer to our old place because it has an H&M and a better Winners. I'm actually hoping to go tomorrow since I have a dentist's appointment and will need the car for that.

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