Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shopping fun

I was out most of today and I'll be out most of tomorrow so I have no pictures of the house for you. Hopefully it'll be nice on Thursday; this place really does look best when it's sunny out.

I went shopping today and managed to buy some black wool sweaters and a couple of acrylic sweaters as well. There's a lot of black out there this season and while I'd love to buy something that's purple or teal or red, I'm just not finding it yet. I decided that I was better off buying what's available so that I'd have something I can wear that will hopefully be comfortable.

It turns out that not all wool sweaters are itchy. Yay! I'm finding that I prefer a very lightweight wool or cashmere; cashmere, if it's light enough, isn't itchy at all. So we'll see how these sweaters work in helping me feel comfortable when I'm sweating.

I see the dermatologist tomorrow and I hope he'll be able to help. Apparently I was supposed to confirm the appointment last week... oops. They called this morning to confirm - it's a good thing, or else I'd have shown up there for nothing! I'd hoped to take a book with me in which I write appointment-related things but I can't find it. I remember seeing it to pack it but I don't quite remember in which box it got packed. It's got the photocopies of the sarcoidosis lab results which would be a useful thing to bring; I guess I'll just have to ask him to believe me while I get the results sent over to him. Hopefully it won't be a problem.


Anonymous said...

Who wouldn't like light cashmere!? Love, Mom

Chantelle said...

I know! You can pet my cashmere sweaters when I see you next month :)

Love you,