Friday, June 18, 2010

What a beautiful day

So that's it; after today I'm not a RIM employee. I'm happy that this day has come and is just about gone, although things don't really end for another month - that's when my benefits will end and when I'll receive my severance payout.

When my benefits expire I can buy medical/dental benefit coverage from the insurance company. I'm waiting to hear back from the contact person at RIM about the cost of purchasing the coverage and what coverage I'd have. If it isn't too much and I'd have at least medical and dental I'll go ahead and purchase the benefit coverage. I'm covered by Ian's benefits but as far as I'm concerned, the more coverage, the better, especially because I don't know what costs I'll have going forward.

Because today is sort of a "big day" I didn't just want to sit around and wallow; I wanted to do something. Luckily it was a gorgeous day, all sunny and warm and nice and bright and beautiful. So I went for an epic walk - a two-hour walk to the newer subdivision just west of here and back. I thought that I'd walked a huge distance, because I used to walk about 5km/h, but it turns out that I only walked about 8km. That's still a pretty good distance considering that I've only been walking since the spring and that I haven't been walking since before I went to Atlantic City.

It really does feel good to be outside. I love getting the fresh air and feeling the warm sun and breeze on my sunscreened face. Right now, the limiting factors to how long I can walk are that my feet get sore and it's hard to carry enough water. I need to buy new walking shoes so my feet don't hurt, which is no big deal - it's the water that's really limiting.

Today I carried about a liter of water and it was just enough for me; I probably could have used just a bit more. Right now I just carry the water in one hand and I have the cane in the other. Maybe I should get myself one of those camelbak backpack thingies so that I have a free hand while walking. It would be more comfortable and I think that I could carry more water, although Ian thinks it would look silly. I'll have to look into different water options because I don't see my walks getting shorter... at least until winter.


Robin said...

I was going to suggest the camelback! Ian beat me to it :) It doesn't look too silly, just a backpack with a straw thingie. And anyone seeing you with it should understand what it is, and it would free up your hand. But careful not too fill it too full if you do get one, I wouldn't want your back to hurt because of it.

manchester fat acceptance said...
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manchester fat acceptance said...

heeheeheee! i've never seen one of those! very useful for long walks, i'd say.