Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dinner and stuff

I saw my friend for dinner tonight - I'm so glad that she was available tonight after I cancelled yesterday. It was great seeing her and I wish that we got together more often. I see her about every six months or so and there's just too much catching up to do over dinner when there's that much time between visits.

She works for the company that recently employed me and I do feel sort of sad, hearing about the trials and tribulations of working there. I miss being there in the thick of things, you know? I wish my body was able to handle that much stress because sometimes it sounds like such fun. Then again, it can also be awful, and why would I waste my energy on something awful?

I think my friend is planning a game night soon and I hope we'll be able to go and see everyone. She promised to keep the number of people there to a low number which should make the games more interesting. I look forward to seeing her again.

On another topic, I'm getting quite tired of receiving calls from telemarketers. We're on the national Do Not Call list and so we're not supposed to get calls like this at all but they don't even bother to check whether we're on the list. I looked into reporting these people and it turns out that you don't need much information to make a report: you only need the date and time they called you, the name the person calling gave you, the company name, and the company phone number.

So when I received a call yesterday from one of these telemarketers (from an alarm system company, he was), before he could get into his spiel, I asked him to repeat his name, which he did. Then I asked for the company name, which I confirmed with him. And I asked him for the phone number of the company, which he gave me. Then I told him that I was on the Do Not Call list, which meant that I should not have received this call and that I was going to report this call. I also told him that the person who made the call as well as the company itself can fined for calling numbers not on the list.

Then I reported the call.

If you're not on the Do Not Call list, I urge you to register your number there. If you are on the list and are receiving calls from telemarketers, I strongly urge you to report those calls. The more we report these calls, the more that can be done to stop them.


Kimberly said...

We only get calls from charities. They are exempt from the Do Not Call List, and they call us several times a week. I wish there was a way to stop the fax machines that call at all hours!

PussDaddy said...

I am on the list.