Monday, June 28, 2010

An adventurous day

I was supposed to have dinner with a friend of mine tonight but I was so tired after my adventures this afternoon that I had to postpone dinner until tomorrow.

I finally had my appointment with the surgeon who did my biopsy last month. As I thought, the incision is healing just fine. He'll be referring me to a respirologist as well; he faxed the referral over and now I need to wait for an appointment to come up.

It was a gorgeous afternoon and I wanted to take advantage of it so I thought that I would wander up to the next bus stop. I should have done some planning and wore different shoes, however. I've walked quite a bit in these shoes before but for some reason, today I got blisters. I went into the pharmacy next door to the doctor's office and bought some bandages to put over the blister.

About a block later I noticed that the bandage wasn't on and just made the blister worse so I put another bandage on. A block after that, the bandages were coming off so I went into the hospital pharmacy and bought some more bandages. And some paper tape, which we'd been running out of.

I put the bandage on and everything seemed ok until all of a sudden, about two blocks later, my foot started hurting again. So I put another bandage on. Two blocks after that, my foot started hurting even more so I took the bandage off and put two on, overlapping them so that they would stay on and wouldn't hurt.

This time, I was in luck. The bandages stayed on until I got off the bus. I'm getting ahead of myself, however. I did manage to walk around and on the way to the bus I passed by my favourite local independent bookstore. They had a bunch of books on sale in a display outside and being the devourer of books that I am, I stopped to take a look.On the table was a book I've been looking for: Dry, by Augusten Burroughs. I've already read Running with Scissors, his memoir of his childhood, and I wanted to read this next memoir about when he got sober.

I wandered around in the bookstore for a few minutes to see if there was anything else that I wanted but I didn't find anything. Unfortunately the extra time in the bookstore meant that I missed my bus by about one minute. I took advantage of the fifteen minutes I had to wait to sit and read my new book. It's as good as I'd hoped it would be. When I got off the bus my foot still hurt so I took the bandages off and left the blister bandage-less for my walk home - surprisingly, the blister didn't hurt so much.

On my walk home I found a report card. I knew it was the last day of school and that report cards were given out but you usually don't find them on the sidewalk. I didn't really know what to do with it - I had these visions of me taking it home and trying to phone the kid's parents to try and give it back, but that wasn't something that I thought I should do, even if I wanted to do it. I also didn't think that the report card should just sit on the ground like that.

The school was only a few blocks away so I decided to take the report card back there and let them deal with it. Even though it was way past school dismissal time I hoped that one of the teachers would still be there and I was in luck: there were three cars in the parking lot. The doors were locked, though. I went around the whole school and tried to open - and then knocked on - every door. Thinking back, it's a good thing that I had the report card in my hand, because those inside may have thought that I was trying to break in or something. Maybe they thought that anyways. When I got back around to the front door I could see someone inside, so I held up the report card and she unlocked the door to take it.

She seemed to recognize the name on the report card; I got the impression that maybe the student hadn't dropped it accidentally on purpose but that something else had happened. I can't imagine what that something else could be, but either way I was happy to not have the report card in my hands any more.

After all that I finally got to go home - only an hour and a half after I could have been there. but then I wouldn't have bought the new book or had the report card adventure.

In other news, the laptop we ordered arrived today. It's nice-looking and I'm sure it's much more powerful than the current one. We thought that the current laptop had a 17" screen so that's what we ordered. Surprise! Our old laptop has a 15.4" screen. I guess we should have measured to save some money. Oops. It is a lovely laptop and it even has a numeric keypad, which I love... so we'll learn to live with (and love) it's ginormosity.

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