Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Looking for a house in exhausting

You know, the emotional highs and lows associated with looking for and buying a house sucks. I was so excited thinking that we'd found the right house and then I was just so disappointed when we found out that the house wouldn't work. I went from feeling excited and happy to a very deep low that persisted through today. The low was made worse by the fact that I was so tired; I didn't sleep well when I was excited about the house and then feeling that disappointed left me exhausted.

From this, I'm learning that it's much better for me to try and stay emotionally even. The emotional ups and downs aren't good for my mood and I end up physically and emotionally exhausted from which it takes me a while to recover. I don't have the extra energy to go through this, you know? Still, it's hard not to be excited about a house we like. Next time we see a house we like, I'm wondering if it would be better if I took ativan or klonopin (clonazepam) so that I don't get so excited or disappointed.

At least we're not looking at another house for two more days: we're viewing a property on Thursday. It seems very nice - in a nicer area than that other house was in - backing onto a ginormous greenspace/conservation area and only a ten-minute walk from the park that we love. This place is also close to a grocery store and to the highway. It was built in 1969 so it's as old as I am and seems to be updated. We'll see. One problem we know of is that it has the oven and cook-top separated and the oven might be too high for me but I hope that won't be a major issue.

In a lot of ways it was great to not think about houses today. Instead, I got my hair cut for the first time in nine weeks - it was shaggy! I also got a chance to do some grocery shopping, so we actually have some food and vegetables (and diet soda in a couple of flavours) in the house again. And I did the laundry so we have clean clothes, too. It's easy for me to let things go and I was happy to do some catching up today.

Tomorrow I plan to take it easy, although I'll need to do some dishes and make some yummy dinner with the food I bought.


PussDaddy said...

They say buying a house is one of the most stressfull events in life. We "played" at buying when we first got here and that was stressful enough. We decided to rent tho as we can be moved at any time with little prior warning. I got my hair cut too, basically the same haircut I have had. And I dyed it-dark reddish brown. I hope you are feeling better too by the way.


manchester fat acceptance said...

hmmmmm that must be frustrating to have to ride a roller coaster every time a house looks promising.

only you know which meds are best for you at what times, but maybe your doctor might have some advice.

can you put the house hunting on hol until it is less stressful for you? or can ian look at places without you?