Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another long walk and part of a movie

I managed to get Ian to go on a long walk with me this evening. Usually we just walk around the neighbourhood but this time we went a bit further afield. I was surprised that he was willing to go for such a long walk since he'd done work around the house earlier but he wanted to get out. It turned out to be a really nice evening: clear, with a bit of a breeze.

When we got home we flopped on the couch and ate some ice cream. We've been working our way through the new Compliments Sensations ice cream flavours; tonight's new flavour was peanut butter, and it's yummy, if a bit sweet. It has little chocolate-covered peanut butter cups in it. The base ice cream used for each flavour is quite tasty, I must say.

We started to watch From Hell, a movie based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore, on tv. We got through about an hour of it but we were very tired from our walk and decided to go to bed and finish watching it in the morning.

The movie is the story of a clairvoyant detective who is investigating the Jack the Ripper murders. I hadn't realized how grisly the Jack the Ripper murders were, what with all of the abdominal mutilations. The movie is quite honest in its portrayal of the women the Ripper preyed on (aside from the fact that they were too clean). Their life was very hard and the movie shows that rather unflinchingly. The movie is also definitely not suitable for children: there's gore and full-frontal female nudity. So far, the movie has been quite good and I'm looking forward to seeing the end tomorrow.

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