Thursday, January 28, 2010

This trip is almost over

Tomorrow is our last full day here. I've really enjoyed myself here, even though I've done hardly any shopping. I'd thought about going to a suburban mall tomorrow but I think I've changed my plans. I can go to a mall any time, and if I want to go to a US mall, I can do that - Buffalo is only an hour and a half away, after all.

Plus I have better plans for tomorrow. I went to the Carnegie Museums today but I couldn't see all of it so I'll go back tomorrow. It turns out that I can only be on my feet for about four hours at a time. I'll tell you all about the museums tomorrow.

On my way to the museum, I popped into a cathedral... It was beautiful. I would have wandered around and taken some photos but they had started Mass and I wasn't comfortable walking around taking photos then. It would be rude to take pictures of the building during a religious ceremony, after all. Maybe I can stop by again tomorrow for some photos.

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