Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shopping but no buying

I decided today to do some shopping downtown. I went to Macy's and Burlington Coat Factory but didn't buy anything. I think I do want some new clothes or shoes but I'm not exactly sure what I want, so I got nothing.

Instead of driving to and from downtown and trying to find parking there, I took the bus there and back. It worked out really well; I didn't have to wait and I was able to easily find my way to the bus stops.

When I got back I was looking forward to soaking in a hot bath and having a nap. I was surprised to see that the housekeepers hadn't cleaned the room but left a bag with towels at the door. I called the front desk - having a clean room is important to me - and housekeeping showed up about a half-hour later. It seems that she'd been by my room at around 10:30am and the Do Not Disturb sign was up. She left this side of the hotel and came back to put the towels there (after I'd gone and the Do Not Disturb sign was gone). I sensed that she had had no plans to clean the room.

I talked to the front desk, describing what had happened and how important it is to me that the room be cleaned while I'm out. They've asked me to call as I leave so that they know the room is ready for them and so it'll get done while I'm out.

While waiting for the housekeeper, I went and had a big meltdown... sobbing and crying and sobbing some more, over a 20 minute period. This was a huge sign that I was overwhelmed - at home I don't leave the house for days, and here I've been leaving the room and walking a lot every day. So I took Ativan to calm myself down and tried to relax.

Tomorrow I'm going to go to the nearby Carnegie Museums. If I get tired, I can stop and come back the next day - the important thing is to not get too worked up.

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