Thursday, January 21, 2010

Regular oncology appointment

I saw my oncologist today for an uneventful appointment. My last bone scan and mammogram were clean, and all of my bloodwork is good. My tumour markers went down to 28 from 35 so are still well within normal (normal is under 38).

I do have a tender, achy spot on one rib on the lower right that's been giving me pain and making that side feel weird and we talked about that. The problem almost certainly isn't the liver, even though that's below that bone, because my liver function numbers were fine and it isn't inflamed or anything. Plus the bone scan two months ago showed nothing and my tumour markers taken two weeks ago are still normal. So she sent me for an xray and she'll call tomorrow if it shows anything.

I don't think the pain in that rib is from more mets so I don't expect her to call tomorrow. I have no idea what else would make a bone tender to the touch but there must be something that'll do it. My left shoulder blade is also extremely tender - I knew one of them hurt to the touch so asked Ian to check and when he ran his finger down the bone I dropped to my knees from the pain - and so I figure that I might just have sensitive bones.

Maybe it's a long-term side effect of the neupogen I received when I had my primary cancer; I had extreme bone pain when I was getting that, so maybe my bones are still sensitive. I'll be seeing my family doctor soon so I'll talk to him about my tender bones then.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Lots of good news. Except for the bone pain. Must make your life miserable. Hope they find out what's going on.
Love, Mom