Sunday, January 10, 2010

Looking at houses

We're making headway in this house-hunting endeavour: we went to an open house and explored one of the areas of the city we don't know well.  We only really know those areas where we've lived as students... and we don't want to live in high-student areas. We're looking for a place at least as big as what we have now in a not-too-snooty, not-too-studenty, not-too-bad area.

The house was at the low end of our price range. Had the owners not replaced the roof, bathrooms, and done a lot of other cosmetic work, it would have been below our range because it was too small. It was definitely smaller than the place we have now and would have needed some work to be functional for us.

The area itself was ok, although the lots were a bit smaller than we'd like. The area is very similar to the one where we live right now but not quite as nice, maybe because it's a bit newer than our current area and is still under development.

This week we're planning to see a couple of listings at different price points and maybe explore some different areas of the city. We'd like to compare what we get at each price point/area combination to get a better sense of what's out there. Today was fun; I hope it stays that way.

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