Monday, January 11, 2010

Are we alone here?

I watched a show on tv today that discussed that ten most plausible or verifiable UFO sightings. These are sightings where multiple people in multiple locations have seen the same objects. It seems that many of those sightings have occurred on or near US military bases. Some of those site contain nuclear warheads and those that do had all of the missiles turned off - not by the military - while the UFO was in sight. How weird is that?

The show mostly featured sightings that have occurred in the "Western world". I don't know why that is, but I suspect that it's because the countries had shared the investigation they'd done. The show did say that the top 20 most verifiable UFO sightings would come from a much broader selection of countries, although countries like Russia were not mentioned there. I'm thinking that if the show had had information from every single country, they'd have listed some sightings in, say, Russia or China. There are a lot of secrets in those countries.

I'm fairly certain that there is other life in this universe. Statistically, it doesn't make sense that we're the only intelligent life in the entire universe. For all we know, that other life set things in motion here and the UFO sightings are them checking up on their work. Even if that's not the case, the very idea that they'd be coming to visit us totally excites me..... aliens! coming here! that's so cool!

I do wonder why they haven't made that much contact yet: are they waiting for our civilization to get its act together and get along, or are they waiting for it to fall apart? Either way, someday, those aliens are going to actually stop and say something to the people on this planet. How profound an experience would that be, to finally know without a doubt that we are not alone here... to see beings that come from places we probably can't even imagine. I wish I were here to see that.

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