Monday, January 25, 2010


Ian works with an office in Pittsburgh and needed to be here this week, so I decided to come with him. We drove here so I'm not really costing much extra, and it's like a little vacation for me.

We left early the morning and made good time in spite of the fog. Ian was able to do some work this afternoon while I rested. We did go out to dinner, to a place others had recommended.... but it turned out to be not all that good. There was something weird about the texture and taste of some of my food and I just couldn't eat it. Even thinking closely about it now makes me feel very queasy.

We're in the University district and tomorrow I think I'm going to wander around and look at some of the architecture here. Some of the buildings are spectacular! At some point I'll go shopping, too. I'm looking forward to spending the week here, relaxing.

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Beth said...

Hope you enjoy yourself! My plastic surgeon is in Pittsburgh. If I were allowed to drive I would offer to meet up with you. :)