Saturday, January 02, 2010

On my own, watching movies

Ian's off today hanging out with friends so I've had most of the evening to myself. I took advantage of this to rent myself a movie On Demand. This time I chose The Bloodstained Bride, an indie flick about a crazy bride who puts her potential husband under her thumb, and who won't let anyone stand in their way. She prefers to do her killing dressed in her first wedding dress while wielding a knife.

This was definitely a low-budget movie, but for all that, it wasn't that bad. The sound was a little iffy and the acting wasn't always good, but the story was hilarious in parts and the effects were good, too. If you saw this one playing on tv, it'd be worth watching.

After that, I watched a Canadian made-for-tv movie starring a young Elisha Cuthbert called Lucky Girl, about a teenaged girl with a gambling addiction. The movie tells the story of her downward spiral and the lengths she goes to continue to gamble. It felt like an honest look at the pull of addiction and how it obliterates everything else around a person. The acting is good and the story is pretty good, too; it shows some of the down sides of gambling without making them look unrealistically bad. I liked and I recommend this movie, especially if you know people who have or might have gambling problems or want to worry about what else teenagers can do to get into trouble.

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