Sunday, January 17, 2010

Golden Globes

It's Golden Globes night - aka the beginning of awards season. I love award season, with the red carpet dresses, awards, speeches, and glamour. Sophia Loren even made an appearance in tonight's show wearing a spectacular black dress with sheer yoke and sleeves, decorated with ombre sparkles at the shoulders, neck, and sleeves. It was heavenly.

Tonight's show isn't all pretty dresses and slightly long speeches. The spectacle is overshadowed by the recent earthquake disaster in Haiti, where up to two hundred thousand people are dead. Many of the presenters and attendees are wearing ribbons to symbolize the disaster there, and several speeches have mentioned it as well. I guess it's can be hard to focus on celebration when an entire nation of people is suffering - not to mention the fact that just one winner's salary could make such a huge difference there - and several of the people making speeches have seemed uncomfortable. Many have mentioned Haiti and encouraged people to give.

Speaking of the disaster in Haiti, apparently the UN is saying that it's a greater humanitarian crisis than even the tsunami a few years ago. I don't even know how that's possible, but since the country is so very poor and has been hit by so much in the last few years, it can't have been well-equipped to deal with the quake.

A friend of mine does volunteer work at a hospital and they're sending as many supplies for children and babies as they can spare. So much more is needed, though, because of the number of people that have been affected and the state of the country. I've donated to the relief efforts through the Red Cross and I encourage you all to do what you can to help as well. Then you can enjoy the award shows :)

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