Friday, January 22, 2010

No news is good news

As I expected, I did not hear from my oncologist today - which is great news, because it means that the soreness in that rib is not new mets and I don't have any progression.

So my cancer is still minimal and stable. Yay!

This doesn't explain why I have sore spots on my bones. I tried to find out by searching for "tender ribs" in google; I got lots of recipes for making yummy ribs, if I wanted to eat them, which I don't. Figuring out the right search term is a job in itself :)

Ian thinks that I'm a hypochondriac because I look up my symptoms on the internet. Who doesn't do that? I do try not to let myself get all worked up about what I read, because it's a waste of time doing that. In the past I definitely used to get worried about whatever I'd read but I'm more relaxed now. Maybe studying The Power of Now is actually doing me some good.


Robin said...

Yeah, I suck at searching on Google. It just doesn't think the same way I do :)

And I also look up symptoms on the Internet but I don't get worked up. I look at as saving time by doing my own research instead of waiting in the doctor's office.

Robin said...

Oh, and try searching "rib pain" or "rib cage tender spots" or "cancer rib sore areas" or stuff like that :)

manchester fat acceptance said...

glad to read it wasn't anything serious! i'm a little slow in my comments...