Saturday, June 06, 2009

A very lazy Saturday

This must be a rare occasion: even though it's Saturday, we didn't watch any movies. Amazing, huh? :)

It's not like we did all that much instead; we got groceries, went for a walk, and Ian played video games while I watched. His latest game is Infamous, a game where a bomb has gone off in a city and somehow the protagonist ended up with electric-based power. The city is a mess of warring factions and the protagonist goes around trying to fix things. The game has lots of side quests and things to do as well as the main quest. The visuals are interesting as is the fact that the guy can climb like a monkey.

I like this game; there's lots of stuff to do and that the game can be played as good or evil. I also like that the main character doesn't have any conventional weapons, but only different things he can do with his power. Ian says that it's a fun game to play, and I think it's fun to watch him play. I don't play video games myself; I'm a back-seat video-game player. It's sort of like watching a longer, more interesting, and more interactive movie :)

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