Friday, June 05, 2009

Sleep, wake, sleep, watch movie

Believe it or not, I managed to not sleep all day. Not that I did much of anything today - I'd thought of going for a walk but I ended up having a nap instead. Which was just as well, I suppose, as a walk would've tired me out even more.

This evening we watched The Others, a fine Nicole Kidman movie about a woman and her two children living in a house where strange things happen. There's a twist at the end that makes the whole movie much more interesting and worth a second viewing. I'd actually seen it before but I'd say that it was even better the second time.

This is a period piece, set in England in 1945 in the most beautiful house ever. I suppose it was a summer home once upon a time; it's huge with lovely furniture and exquisite parquet floors. The clothes are gorgeous - even thought the movie is realistic and each character has a limited number of outfits - and correct for their time. Period movies that do things right are a joy to watch (especially for someone who likes vintage fashions, like me) because a person can really immerse themselves in the time shown.

Even if you don't like vintage fashion or period movies, the acting from everyone is superb. Nicole Kidman really carries this movie when she's on her own - which is much of the time - and the children steal the scenes when they're in them. Overall, this is an understated but very good movie, and well worth watching if you haven't seen it.

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