Monday, June 22, 2009

Only a little fabric

Believe it or not, I bought hardly any fabric today. Instead of buying each and every fabric that I loved - and there were many - I bought only three fabrics. Many fabrics were on sale, and there were many others that I wanted to buy just because they were so pretty or so soft or so gorgeous... but that I'm not likely to sew anytime in the next year. Or two. Maybe even three.

Does this mean that I've grown up? Become less impulsive?

I doubt that. :) It's more that... I have a ton of fabric already. And I've spent tons of money on patterns - my eBay watch list is long, and my recently bought list is also long. And we are going on vacation (and I should actually try and pay for some part of that, yes?).

I did have a good time couple of hours not buying too much fabric today. I am definitely feeling better today.

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