Friday, June 19, 2009

My eyes are ok!

I'm pleased to say that there's nothing wrong with my eyes. The flashes of light are just flashes of light. Yay! Even though all of this turned out to be nothing, it's important to get flashes of light checked out because the cause could be very serious.

My optometrist sent me to an opthamologist this afternoon. My eyes were frozen, dilated, and then frozen again. The opthamologist took a good long look at my retinas and at the very end, he had my forehead and chin stay stable and then he put a magnifying thingy on my eyeball, settling it under my eyelids. He'd use that thingy to take a look at part of the retina and then would turn the thingy (while applying pressure) to get a look at another part.

The pressure of the thing on my eyeball creeped me out soooo much that I pulled away halfway through the procedure. I just couldn't bear to have that thing touch my eye; even though I couldn't really feel it except as pressure and coldness, it still bothered me. I'm squeamish that way. If I'd known what was going to happy I'd have brought Ativan with me as I was quite anxious; if there is a next time for this, I'll remember to do that.

I think the guy thought I was a big baby because when I first recoiled from it (before he'd even put it against my eye) he said, "but you wear contacts, right? How can this bother you?" Ummm, yeah. And then after I pulled away he had to guide me back to where my head was supposed to be: "bring your head down... down.... down... forward... forward... down.... forward". Sigh.

I hope I never have to do this - or any kind of eye surgery - again. At least it's over and I can go on to enjoy the weekend.

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