Monday, June 15, 2009

Local woman exercises today

Waterloo, ON -- A local woman spent an unusual amount of time exercising today. Chantelle James went for two 40min walks around the neighbourhood and then spent 45mins dancing gently around her living room while listening to the self-titled 2006 album by Telescope.

Ms. James usually spends most of her days sitting on the couch or sleeping. While she has been known to walk once around the neighbourhood, a second walk in the same day is definitely an aberration for Ms. James. Ms. James has also not danced around her living room for many years.

When asked what prompted this increased level of activity, Ms. James said that it was nice weather for walking both this morning and this evening, and that Telescope is a pretty good band to dance gently to. Ms. James also reported that she was feeling pretty good, if a bit tired, after all that activity. We expect she will sleep well tonight!

What will this burst of energy mean for Ms. James? Will it continue? Stay tuned and watch this space for updates.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome for Ms. James, I hope that it continues :)

Darling Jee said...

Dancing around the living room is a regular activity over here. Sometimes it involves copious amounts of alcohol (ie one 6 oz glass of wine!) but more often includes laundry folding, floor sweeping or dishwasher loading :)