Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Change is inevitable

I meant to make a yummy dinner with spaghetti squash (instead of pasta) and turkey meatballs (instead of the usual meatballs or ground beef). We've had this meal before and it's healthy as well as yummy; spaghetti squash makes a good substitute for real spaghetti pasta.

So I was all ready to make this and had bought what I needed ... and then I slept all afternoon so I didn't have time to bake the squash (it takes 1 to 1 1/2 hours). I was up early for Meditation class and I guess I was tired because... I don't know. I was tired.

There's a huge something going on over at the young survival coalition support board. For quite some time, I've felt uncomfortable posting on the mets board because non-mets people read and post there (sometimes inappopriately). Other people are coming to this realization. We mets people are being seen as "meany metsies" to some people, and when we post on the general, non-mets board, things go bad.

Some of the women with mets are not doing well... their cancer is taking over, and their days are numbered. Naturally, these women are not happy and are not providing the kind of patient support they'd provided before. But it isn't just that some women aren't being as kind, or as supportive; it's that there's much more animosity on the general board. Some of that comes from cancer fakers, and some of that just seems to be the changing landscape of the board.

Support boards change... and this board is *not* changing for the better. It's so tense there, and so hard to post. Some women are considering setting something up somewhere else, and I'd be happy with that.

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