Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I think I'm getting old

It's been a sleepy sort of day. The last couple of nights have been late and I'm not really used to them anymore. The days of staying out until well after midnight most days of the week are long past... although if I remember rightly, I used to sleep for three or four hours between getting home and going out again, so maybe I haven't changed so much.

For the last little while I've had some white flashes in a semi-circle at the lower part of my vision in my right eye. I've been seeing them off and on for a while but for some reason, I've had a lot of them today. The area around the eye also feels sort of weird (kind of numb and sort of swollen from the inside), so I wonder if it's  some kind of migraine or something. I have had migraine headaches before but I've never seen an aura with them. Then again, this is the side that got hurt when I fell last summer, so maybe things have changed.

Also, when I look a small, bright lights without my glasses on (so that the lights are very blurry and huge), in my left eye, I see a consistent oval of darkness going from the center to the one o'clock position. I assume that this is the tiny cataract that's in that eye because I don't see that when I've got my glasses on. Then again, I don't actually know what this thing is, and it's a new thing.

I guess I should actually try and see my optometrist soonish. I don't think that there's anything seriously wrong with my eyes, but these effects are new and should be looked at.

This getting old thing sucks. I wish I was young again and didn't have to go to the doctor because new stuff kept happening. Sigh.

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JuliaR said...

Okay, sorry, I'm going backwards through your blog and I see you had a lot more things happening than just the light flashes. My bad! But yes, see an expert. Good luck!