Saturday, June 20, 2009

A date!

We went out - actually left the house - for dinner and a show tonight! We do eat out from time to time but we don't often go out to see shows.

Dinner was at The Raintree Cafe, courtesy of Ian's brother and fiance who gave us a gift certificate for the restaurant. The food is very good there, with a unique fusion of ingredients giving lots of flavour. Just about everything is made on the premises from scratch and their food is both vegetarian- and gluten-free-friendly. It's a very comfortable restaurant with good food and reasonable prices. If you're in Waterloo and looking for a place to eat, the Raintree is a good choice.

The show was the last of three comedy shows we'd signed up for. This show was part of the Yuk Yuks road show and had three comedians. They were ok; there was a lot of relationship-type humour that didn't totally apply to us so that was so funny, but the rest of the show was good. I'd see it again. :)

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