Thursday, June 04, 2009

Pamidronate day

Getting my Pamidronate today went pretty smoothly, except for not being sent to actually receive my Pamidronate early enough. At the reception, they tell me to wait until I'm called, but in the chemo suite, they  always tell me that I'm supposed to go right back, as long as I'm going to be in the back area. The trouble is, I don't know whether or not I'm going to be in the back area. Today I had the bloodwork in the regular area and the Pamidronate in the back area.

So today I finally learned: when I sign in for either the bloodwork or to receive Pamidronate, ask if I should go right to the back. If I'm not going to be back there, then someone will come and get me.

You'd think that I wouldn't have to figure out a procedure like this... that things would just work there. I'd think that, too, but I know that the hospital attached to the cancer center is one of the worst in Ontario, so I've learned not to expect as much as I would anywhere else.

Aside from that, everything went smoothly. In between doing the bloodwork and getting the Pamidronate, I went for a walk. It was a lovely day and I walked around the area just to the west of the hospital. That area is quite nice with houses set back on well-maintained lawns and beautiful gardens. It was a peaceful place to walk and spend time; much better than sitting around in the hospital or cancer center.

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