Thursday, June 18, 2009

Apparently eyes aren't supposed to that

I called my optometrist about the flashes of light and she asked me to come in right away. Apparently arcs of light at the periphery of one's vision can be a posterior vitreous detachment which could lead to retinal detachment, which is a very serious condition.

Fortunately, my optometrist didn't see anything wrong with my retina, but she's still concerned. The arcs I see are on the bottom of my eye which indicates that the problem is at the top.... which means that if the retina starts to detach, it could finish detaching quite quickly. I guess that's due to gravity.

I did ask if there was anything else - like an infection, sinus problem, or a tumour - that could cause the flashes I see. She said no, that the type of flashes I'm seeing could only be caused by a particular chemical reaction between the vitreous solution and the retina or something like that. She did say that it's possible that I might end up with a small tear that stabilizes as a permanent floater. I don't know how that's possible - maybe I misunderstood her.

The best news here is that the flashes aren't continuous and I haven't seen as many today as I did yesterday. I'm going in to see my optometrist again tomorrow, and she might send me to an opthamologist. I think that seeing an opthamologist is the right thing to do here so hopefully that'll happen. 


JuliaR said...

I surfed over here from Dress A Day, after I saw your comment abut radiation tattoos, as I was thinking about making that comment. I just had a lumpectomy and it had not gone to the nodes but the tumour was grade 3 (9 out of 9) so I got the chemo and radiation.

Anyway, once upon a time I had these weird light flashes that were matching in both eyes. They made a pattern and happened for a while (like an hour) and then disappeared. I went to my optometrist who had a look and he thought it might be a visual migraine, which I had never heard of. I got sent to an opthalmologist just to be sure (which you should definitely do) and he agreed. Something about spasming blood vessels in the part of the brain that does vision. It happened a few more times and then never again. I was having stress at the time. I am hoping that is all it will be for you!

Chantelle said...

I'd hoped that it was migraines in my eyes, but my optometrist doesn't seem to think that's an option. Sigh. Hopefully I'll see an opthamologist soon.

Sorry to hear that you've had breast cancer as well; I hope that you're feeling good these days. Take care of yourself! :)

Darling Jee said...

Waterloo might be the best place in Canada for you to see an optometrist! Not sure about opthalmologists but I know enough optometrists that I can find out for you if you don't see one tomorrow. Call me if it isn't resolved tomorrow and I will phone all the optometrists I know who went to Waterloo.