Saturday, February 21, 2009

Horror movie thoughts

We're still working our way through the Ghost House DVD collection; tonight, we watched Last House in the Woods. People gather at an isolated house in the forest and very strange things happen. There's quite a bit of blood and gore in this movie, as well as some violence. It was ok with an interesting approach to the story but we didn't really get what was happening until the very end.

One of the interesting things about this collection is that each movie in it is a low-budget horror movies and most are international. Many non-mainstream horror movies are low-budget which works just fine because you don't always need a lot of special effects to have a good horror movie. The atmosphere created by the cinematography and music contribute more to making the film feel scary than do a lot of special effects. Of course some horror movies need monsters of some kind, and those might have a higher budget than others. Rubber masks aren't that cheap, you know :)

Another thing I like about this collection is that it's giving us horror from all over the world which highlights the fact that horror transcends language or country-of-origin. The things that scare people seem to be universal, so it doesn't matter where it's filmed or even how long ago it was filmed. That's not to say that all horror is good or scary, of course; bad horror movies are much more prevalent than good ones, and they also can come from anywhere.

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