Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gorgeous vintage patterns

A little while ago, someone emailed me and asked if I wanted some size 16 vintage McCall's patterns. You might know that I have a vintage pattern obsession, and that I especially love McCall's vintage patterns, so of course I said that I'd love to have them. The person suggested what I thought was a fair price, sent me an invoice via PayPal, and once I'd paid that invoice, mailed me the patterns. PayPal offers protection if for some reason the items weren't as described so I wasn't nervous about buying the patterns this way.

The patterns arrived today and although one is missing (9385, in the lower left-hand corner), I'm still thrilled. They're gorgeous!!! These are the ones that I received:

Aren't they awesome? There's a 1920's Butterick pattern, a 1930's Simplicity pattern, and the rest are all 1930's McCall's patterns. The pattern pieces are used but appear to be in great shape and the envelopes themselves are in excellent shape. The designs themselves would still look beautiful today even though they're more than 70 years old. I'm so in love with them!!!

I'm going to need more vintage pattern storage.

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manchester fat acceptance said...

wow! i love the era for those patterns!