Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another movie night

It's Saturday night so it must be movie night! We're not quite through our Ghost House Underground movies yet and so tonight we watched Trackman, another movie from that collection. We both enjoyed it. We watched the dubbed version (it's a Russian movie) and the dubbing was surprisingly good; certainly of better quality than the previous dubbed movies we've watched. The story is quite simple: people are trapped in a closed subway or mineshaft system with different levels and tracks while trying to escape from a giant, seemingly indestructible killer who takes their eyes as they die. There's a bit of gore but not really that much.

For those of you wondering, I see my family doctor on Monday and my oncologist on Tuesday to get the results of my recent tests. Hopefully the tests will show something so that we can maybe treat whatever is causing such pain in my hips and back.

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