Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not American Idol

Dubbed Danish films sound a lot like dubbed Japanese films. In fact, you would hardly know it was a Danish film if you were just listening and not watching it. We think this is because when the actors are reading the dubbed lines, they're not interacting with each other and so the lines don't sound as realistic. That, and the same voices are used for both :)

In case you were wondering why this subject came up, we watched a dubbed Danish movie this evening because we don't watch American Idol. Personally, I'm tired of the American Idol show - it seems that the people who vote on that show do not necessarily reward talent. Not many of the winners have done all that well; in many ways, the show seems to be a bit of a scam. It churns out a lot of mediocrity but very little good music or singers.

Enough of that rant. The movie we watched tonight was The Substitute, which is about an alien who takes over a sixth-grade substitute teacher. Apparently these aliens only know war and they want to know about love, which is why they're on this planet. The sixth-grade kids save the day (and chickens play a huge role). It's quite a good movie, even in the dubbed version; it has tension, sci-fi, comedy, and some horror. There are no gory or adult situations so this is one almost everyone can enjoy.

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manchester fat acceptance said...

i can't stand dubbing. i'd rather watch an entire film in a foreign language than watch something that is dubbed haha!

chantelle you must must must check out this video clip on failblog. it will make you laugh, i promise!