Friday, February 13, 2009

More vintage fun

The last pattern is on its way - it sounded like the person is about as organized as I am. I went and checked everywhere the patterns had been in case the one had been separated from the others and even after I emailed the woman who sent them, I went and checked yet another time, just in case.

Speaking of gifts from people, someone gave me a box full of old Workbasket magazines; the box is hugely heavy and contains issues from the 50s to the 80s. The best thing about these magazines, aside from the old ads, are the tatting and crochet patterns. Of course there are lots of doily patterns but there are also patterns for trim and edging as well as whole blankets and afghans. My mom did a lot of tatting when I was growing up and I thought I'd seen almost everything, but they had this "twisted tatting" stitch in some of the patterns. Then again, I didn't much like the effect in the patterns so maybe my mom didn't like it, either. There was also tatting with beads which looked cool.

Seeing the tatting patterns sort of made me wish that I could tat... it's a dying art these days, and I've always liked the way it looked. People used to do a lot of it back in the day but it's something that you almost never see anymore.


sloth003 said...

my mum tats. she made the edging on the hanky i carried on our wedding day. but she also spins, and weaves and knits and crochets. she'll be a handy woman to have around when the machines rise up and send us spiraling back to the dark ages.

Chantelle said...

I wish I could spin and weave! Those are handy skills to have (as well as being able to find your own food in the wild) for whatever sends us back to the dark ages.

Anonymous said...

Next time you come, be sure to remind me to show you how to tat. I had books and things, but couldn't quite figure it out until Granny showed me how to do it.

Oh, and I have the shuttle still attached to the rings that she showed me on. Nice bit of family history.

Love, Mom

Jane Eborall said...

Uh,uh. Sorry to correct you but tatting is very much alive and flourishing!! Lot of thanks to the internet for it's survival, though. Do google 'tatting' - you'll find hundreds of us out there with lots and lots of fun, bright patterns with and without beads!!!

manchester fat acceptance said...

i can find food in the wild, so can i be in the future apocalypse club? seriously, i laugh at those survivor shows when they go to the boreal forest... they are surrounded by food!

okay, that had nothing to do with tatting. i don't know how to tat. but i swear, i'm useful!