Friday, February 20, 2009

Less moving around

Sleeping until mid-afternoon can feel very luxurious, especially if you'd planned to get up early. Normally when I sleep late I have the alarm going off every 9 minutes or until I reset it (driving my neighbour crazy, I'm sure), but today I turned the alarm off early and so the quality of my daytime sleep was so much better.

If I'm going to sleep it may as well be good sleep, right? Especially since my hips were stiffer than normal today and I guess I twisted an ankle or something while I was out yesterday. I'm hobbling around like a old lady - you should see me pull myself up the stairs. Going down the stairs is quite a bit harder, though.

It seems that whatever is wrong with my left hip is also sort of wrong with my right. I have pain on that side when moving the leg in the same way that I move the left one. It's not as bad, but it's definitely the same kind of pain.

When I was a baby there was a problem with my hips where the ball wouldn't fit in the socket (which I guess is one or another kind of hip dysplasia) and I had to be double-diapered to help fix it. That kind of problem is a risk factor for hip problems that show up in later adulthood. It could be that whatever is wrong was going to show up someday... and that it's shown up a lot earlier because of the lack of estrogen in my body. In some ways, then, the timing of whatever's wrong with my hips is a side effect of the cancer. Stupid cancer.

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