Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Day

It's Family Day here in Ontario; it's a new holiday over here although Alberta has had one for a couple of decades. I suppose this holiday has two purposes: first, to give people a break in winter, and second, to, umm, encourage people to spend more time with their families.

Not that there's much else to do on a holiday here. In Ontario, stores are closed on designated holidays. Sure, some - like your corner store or a drugstore or a tourist attraction - can stay open, but grocery stores and malls that aren't tourist attractions have to shut down. It's very old school.

We'd already decided to go and see Coraline 3D today but we forgot that nothing else was open... and so we were a bit surprised to discover that many, many, many people had also decided to see a movie today. We first tried to see a 1pm show but the lineup to buy tickets was much too long, so we ended up going early for a 4pm show. We did get good seats at least :)

The movie is very good. It's not quite the same as the book, with an additional character and some slightly different timelines, but the story is interesting and compelling. The 3D aspect just made the movie feel more real; there weren't any gratuitous 3D shots to speak of so I didn't have to remember that I was watching a 3D movie. The scenery, action, and dialog all feel much like a fairy tale, which makes the movie appealing for everyone. We highly recommend this movie; see it in 3D if you can, but you'll still enjoy it if you can't.

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