Thursday, February 19, 2009

Less sewing, more tv

No one told me that there's a Project Runway Australia! Yep, there is - and all of the episodes appear to be available on YouTube. I watched the first episode tonight and it was quite funny. Their mentor is Henry Roth, who is much more direct than, say, Tim Gunn (of the original Project Runway) or Brian Bailey (of  PR Canada). Henry actually told someone that things would work better if they stopped being dramatic. It's a true statement but not one you hear from most mentors on these shows!

I love how talented these designers are; I wish I had a fraction of their talent. I can't design or make the clothes nearly as quickly as they can on the show... probably because they've had more practice. Still, I don't see myself getting up to their level anytime soon.

I really do keep meaning to sew but I've managed to put it off all week. I even put out recycling today instead of sewing! The fact that I'd rather do a chore instead of something fun tells me that I'm deliberately avoiding the sewing room. Part of the problem is the cane and my ginormous elbow - I feel like an invalid. Sewing for oneself requires absolute honesty: to do it, a person has to totally accept their body for what it is at that moment. I got to a point where I was accepting my body just fine but since the cane and the elbow I seem to have moved away from there.

I'm sure that I'll accept my body again.... and until then, I've got Project Runway (in all of its international flavours) to watch.

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manchester fat acceptance said...

yep - seen PRA about 10 times and love love love it! they seem very competent, but you'll also notice their significant design flaws emerge as the season goes on.