Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I stand corrected; there's a lot more tatting out there than I thought! It's a thriving art, and some of the pieces I've seen are gorgeous. I love love love the tatting my mom used to do that had some kind of symmetry but there are people out there tatting animal outlines. Pretty cool, huh? I should look into it as I do love the look of a finely tatted piece.

So I saw my doctor today and my bone scan came out normal; there are no new bone mets anyplace, which is great news! There was also nothing wrong with my hip although they saw some arthritis in my lower back. My doctor checked my hip and I only have about 5-10 degrees of rotation to either side. That's not that much. I think my doctor suspects osteoarthritis in the hip. I'm not sure what the treatment would be for this as a lot of the reading I've done kind of describes it as a chronic pain thing.

My cane work has left me with a swollen elbow. It's some kind of bursitis and it looks like my elbow has grown its own elbow! I did hit that elbow on a hard surface a few weeks ago but the problem now is almost definitely caused by the cane. So now I'm wearing a brace on my forearm to take some of the load off of my elbow when I do use the cane. I really only use the cane first thing in the morning and when I'm out of the house so hopefully the elbow thing will drain. The cane makes me look old enough; I don't need a brace adding to my external age :)

For Valentine's Day, We watched My Bloody Valentine 3D . We figured that watching this movie was the right way for us to celebrate this romantic holiday :). We thought the movie was pretty good both as a horror movie and as a 3D movie. It's got some story and a little plot along with suspense and gore. If you like all of this, you'll probably like this movie.

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manchester fat acceptance said...

yay for the normal bone scan!!!

not yay for the arthritis and bursitis...