Sunday, July 20, 2008

The world was a blur

The juggling festival is just about over and we'll be home tomorrow. We've had a pretty good time watching the juggling shows and stuff. There is some controversy over the judging for some of the competitions; they've implemented a new scoring system and I think that some of the judges had a significantly pro-American bias and scored that way. Some American performers scored higher than the Taiwanese or Japanese performers and to me (and others), they had a better performance overall. The trouble was that it was a non-American-style performance. In any case, some people are questioning the results.

We'd planned to go to the Lexington cemetery this morning before it got really hot out. As we were walking there, though, I tripped on the sidewalk. I was holding my coffee in one hand and my purse in the other and I'd looked back to read a sign when I tripped. I took three steps trying to save myself but then I went down. The temple of my glasses broke and cut me above my right eye. Sigh.

For the first time, I understand what people mean when they talk about seeing stars because I saw them for quite a while. I felt better after I sat down for a while and we were able to walk back to the hotel. I ended up going to a local hospital to get some stitches put in (there are three) and we were able to fix up my glasses so that I can wear them, at least. The world was very fuzzy for a while.

The injury was pretty scary and I know that Ian was worried. I'm glad that we had travel insurance as we don't have to pay for the hospital visit. The weirdest thing was that almost exactly 17 years ago today, in July, 1991 I had an accident on my bike which gave me the first scar on my right eyebrow. I'd like to live at least 17 more years but I hope that I don't have to get yet another scar over there. I have enough, thank you. :)

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Anonymous said...

Oooooh, I remember the incident from 1991. Hope that you are okay!?