Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No more stitches!

My family doctor took my stitches out today and I look WAY more normal now :) Part of the scab has also fallen off and I think the long cut (which was more superficial) won't scar too much. I'm crossing my fingers about that, anyways :)

My doctor said that I definitely had a concussion but that I'm ok now and that I shouldn't experience any long-lasting effects. The side effects I had - dizziness, headaches, and nausea - were normal. He also said that I didn't need an xray or anything and that nothing should show up on next year's bone scan. Whew!

Tonight we went to a friend's place for game night and played Power Grid. Some say that playing this marks us as hard-core German board game players because there's a lot of strategy involved in it... which might be true. There are some elements of chance but much of the player success is determined by strategy on several levels with auctions, commodities markets, and building networks. I'd definitely play this game again as it's quite fun, but I wouldn't play it on a night when I was tired.

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