Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pamidronate day

I had my Pamidronate today and so far, it doesn't seem to have knocked me out like in other months. Maybe that's because I already slept almost around the clock - I was only awake for about 5 hours yesterday.

My injury seems to be healing ok. I had the nurse check it and she said that it looked fine and that it could use being aired more. I tried airing it this afternoon and I got a woogly back every time my hand brushed it. Silly me :) I hope this doesn't scar too bad - the long one is over 1" long and the shorter one is maybe 1/2" or 3/4" long.

I remember the accident from 1991 very well... I'd biked to work to pick up my cheque. On my way back, I was clearing an intersection when a woman (76 years old, speaking only German) stepped in front of me. My brow hit her forehead, slicing open an artery, and the bike and I took her groceries and went flying..... and then skidding down the road. The lady and I rode in the ambulance together and were fixed up. I went back to get my bike and rode it home as I couldn't think of anything else to do. When I finally got home, my mom was waiting anxiously for me because I was so late. My bike didn't even work that well going home because it was all out of alignment so I'm sure that she heard my bike as well.

My mom came out and gave me a big hug and I knew that she was worried about me and that she loved me. She was upset that I hadn't called but being in shock I didn't think about doing that - honestly, I would have if I'd thought about it, but as Ian will tell you I don't always think of the best thing to do. I was glad to be home. Later that night I went out with some friends as I thought I was ok - my head felt fine and we didn't give my road rash a second look. My dad found the small article in the paper about my accident the next morning (this is very much the kind of thing my dad did), and that evening I went on a first date with a man I ended up seeing for 3 years. Did that man like my bruised look? Or did he like the fact that I acted normally in spite of the bruises? Hmmmmm.

In any case, that accident marked the start of a very bad 5 years. I wonder if things would have been the same if it hadn't happened? I'm determined that things will go much better than that over the next five years. I like that things are going pretty well, overall, and I'd like things to stay that way.


Unknown said...

Is there something like that clear liquid bandaid stuff you can use over the stitches? That stuff is porous so it breathes but sort of forms a protective seal so you don't cause further damage when you accidentally brush against it. I think it's also waterproof so it won't come off in the shower and you can use shampoo and stuff without it stinging.

manchester fat acceptance said...

Yeah - I use that liquid bandage stuff too - it works really well, like Monisa said. It hurts like a son-of-a-bitch if it seeps into the open cut though.

I remember that accident in 1991, and I recall that you felt so very very bad for a very long time about hitting that lady. We couldn't really make you feel any better about it, although we did try.

Did the Drs. check you for concussion? From the sound of it, your glasses took the brunt of the impact, but you could still have injured your skull...