Monday, July 07, 2008

Pattern treasures

What an awesome pattern! It's from 1956; I bought it a little while ago and it arrived today. When I first saw it I swooned over its darts, front placket, and collar. I love its "wiggle dress" shape with the princess lines and little bit of flounce in the back. I can't wait to trace this out and alter it for me.

One of the reasons that I love vintage patterns so much is that they come from times past. They offer a glimpse into the lives of other people in that time. I love the idea that someone carefully chose the pattern and made it up and then kept it. I love the smell of the old paper. I treasure any writing on the pattern as it's a peek into the mind of the seamstress who made it up.

The pattern above was very carefully cut out. The seamstress cut some seams out with pinking shears because I suppose she knew that she was going to finish those seams that way. I never thought of cutting the pattern out with pinking shears; I've only ever pinked the seams afterwards. The seamstress must have been a bit tall as she had to lengthen it above the waist. To do that, she very neatly slashed the pattern along the printed lines and ruler provided and taped newspaper to the slashed edges.

Yes, this pattern includes strips of newspaper from 1956! What a treasure! I wonder who this woman was and whether she liked the dress she made. Did she get compliments? Did she look as sexy in it as the picture? Did she feel pretty in it? When did she wear it? I very much hope she loved the dress as she clearly put a lot of work into cutting it out. I'm honoured to have this pattern and hope to make it with the same love and care that its first owner did.

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