Saturday, July 12, 2008

Working on a walk-away dress

I decided that I wanted to try and finish this walk-away dress before we leave on Tuesday (you might remember that I prefer this one over the Butterick one). The pattern grading was a little tricky for this pattern because instead of having front and back pieces, each of the three pieces is the front and back combined. The back bodice, for example, wraps around the front and so has to be graded on the front, too. Similarly, the front panel wraps partially around to the back and the back parts have to be graded, too. And the overskirt piece is for the front and back (there's a seam at center back and it's open at the front).

I think (well, I hope) that I've figured out how much I need to shorten the vintage patterns. I've also realized that my shoulders are narrow in comparison to the rest of my torso - at least at my current weight and in vintage patterns. It isn't just that the length of my shoulders is short, which is what I thought was going on, but I was also finding that the neckline was gaping a lot in the front and back.

I actually pin-fit the front panel and back bodice to me before I cut it out so I hope I have actually got things right. I'm using a fabric with a bit of stretch so a small problem won't show. We'll see how this pattern comes out. Once I get the pieces together I have to bind all of the edges and if there are any problems I can probably piece something together :) I did think about putting some pockets in the front overskir but I won't do that for this version.... maybe next time :)

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