Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Made it to Lexington

We made it! We're in sunny Lexington, KY for the juggling festival. This is horse country, it seems - as we flew in we could see all of the ringed horse fields. The flights were pretty uneventful. We flew in from KW through Detroit and were the first plane (of 19 passengers) to go through immigration. It's very strange being just a few people in a hall designed for hundreds but I was just as happy to get through quickly.

While Ian juggled I spent some time wandering around downtown, where we're staying. I went to this fabric and variety store that is run by this woman who couldn't be less than 70, sitting in her chair watching the tv. The place was filled with fabric bolts and boxes and trim and stuff. She said that she had a lot of dress fabrics for sale but that they were all in boxes and so if I didn't know what I was looking for, well, she couldn't really help me. Which was fine with me as I just wanted to poke around anyways - I didn't expect to buy anything from her. She did have a fantastic selection of trims and laces, though!

We went to the festival opening show this evening, which was pretty good, and now we're waiting for the late-night Renegade show to start. It was posted to start at midnight but then someone said that it was oging to start at 11pm.... but it hasn't started yet. Hopefully it'll be worth staying up to see it.

Tomorrow I plan to go to a fabric store and mall - the mall is apparently the biggest in Kentucky. I'll take the bus as the center is only a few minutes from the hotel and it only costs $1 :)

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