Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

To celebrate our country's birthday, we went to the University of Waterloo festivities and watched their fireworks. It was fun although we had to kill a bit of time once we staked out our spot - the event draws a lot of crowds and we picked our spot over an hour before the fireworks started.

I started the holiday by listening to scratching in the wall beside the fridge. Sigh. When we moved in, it was clear that they'd sprayed insulating foam into a crack from the storage outside into the wall beside the fridge. Now there appears to be a small opening near one of the boards there and we are definitely hearing scratching. We checked the roof above the storage area and it looks weird, too.... like some little animal was checking things out there. It's too early in the season for mice, so it's probably one of the cute chipmunks that live in our backyard. How can something so cute be such a pain?

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