Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sleep and more sleep with a side of pain

Since Tuesday evening, I've slept a lot - about 23 hours straight through to yesterday evening followed by about 5 hours being awake, and another 12 hours of sleeping. I've no idea whether I'm tired because of the Pamidronate or the wound but I'm tired.

My wound is still huge. I had it covered up to sleep last night and have had it uncovered for about four hours now and it looks kind of strange. The whole area around it (from my hairline above the right eyebrow to my upper teeth on that side) is bruised and throbbing. I did some pattern work this afternoon and every time I bent over it ached even more. Part of the area looks like it's not in the stitches and it's not really looking like a scab - I don't know what it is, but it looks kind of weird. If it still looks like that or worse tomorrow I'll go to a walk-in clinic or something as I'm worried that it might be getting infected.

I haven't tried the new skin stuff yet because the wound is so long, wide, and painful; if it was shorter and narrower I'd give it a go but I think it should be open for now. I haven't been checked for a concussion but I wish they'd done that. They didn't because I didn't black out when I hit my head. I did see "stars", though, which has never happened before. I do sort of worry that I've bruised or cracked the skullbone. I see my family doctor on Tuesday morning to get the stitches removed, and I'll talk to him then about the possibility of having done something to the bone.

I will be very happy once this is all healed and I'm not tired from the Pamidronate and I get to live a normal life :)

UPDATE: The wound is looking better; I guess I can't leave it covered up for a long time. Whew!

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