Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Our backyard

Our Brugmansia (Angel's Trumpet) is finally flowering with its dark pink flowers! We'd overwatered it the winter before last and almost killed it. It spent all of last summer recovering and making itself into two plants. We separated those plants and this year they both flowered! We're pretty happy that they're still alive and doing well :)

The brugmansia are joined outside by about nine orb spiders in many sizes from baby-sized to almost fully-grown. Some of them like to put their webs parallel to another web; I don't know where they'll get much to eat doing that inside the cedar bush. Oh well; no one said spiders were smart.

And in an unrelated note, someone contacted me about making a bag like the one here but that was more girly. Hopefully this person will reply to my questions and I'll actually get to make another one. Not that I'll make that much money off of it, but it's not about the money, is it? Either way, it's nice to have strangers express interest in my work.

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