Thursday, August 02, 2007

It's hot out there

It was very, very, very hot today and so I spent most of it sewing in the basement. I'm making a custom-sewed item as a gift and it is looking really good - just like it does in my head and in my drawings :) I'd hoped to finish tomorrow... we'll see. There's a small chance that I will provided I don't do everything two or three times over again like I have been. Many of the techniques and things on this item are new to me and when things are new I get them wrong the first (and sometimes second) time I do them :)

We are going away on Friday for a fun-filled week at two cottages. Our laptop just died (wah!) so even if we had internet access at the second place (there's none at the first place - we were there last year), well, we don't have a laptop. Unfortunately, this means that you and I will have to go without my blog fixes every day for a whole week!!!!! I'll see if I can dig up some other fun reading for you while I'm away.

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