Thursday, August 30, 2007

Not much sewing for me

My sale is still on... take 25% off everything except custom orders in my store. Please wait to pay until I send you a revised invoice. Otherwise, I have to issue you a refund! :) Happy shopping!

As you know, I've got a custom order for a messenger/laptop bag on the go right now. I'm going to use brown strapping and I've ordered some in a wide width for the over-the-shoulder strap. Unfortunately, they aren't going to be shipping it until tomorrow at the earliest :( That means that I won't get it until Wednesday at the earliest. Sigh. I can do some stuff, but I can't do most of it until that strapping arrives.

Now, I do have some 1" brown strapping that's used for everything but the shoulder strap... but there are actually different colours of brown. And I have at least two of them. So I can't use any of what I have until I get the other stuff in so that I'm using the same colour brown everywhere. I did order 1" strapping from the same place.... hopefully it won't be a third colour of brown.

I did manage to get a dress sewn for myself today in that pattern I'd bought. I think it looks really nice; I'm quite happy with it. I'll see if I can get a photo of it for you.

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