Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Crazy sexy cancer

I watched Crazy Sexy Cancer tonight. I thought that I would be upset by it, but it didn't really bother me too much. All of the women were young and had different cancers. The main woman is awesome, of course, but she spent most of the show talking about her alternative approach to her cancer - eating macrobiotic diets and that. Her cancer is different than mine because hers doesn't really grow - she has cancer (24 tumours) but it's stable and has been for 2 years, so she hasn't had treatment for it.

I wish that my cancer would behave that way. Right now I'm stable and that's good, but if I end up with 24 tumours, well, things are pretty darn serious. Maybe not deathbed serious, but "I'd better have a lot of options left" serious.

Anyways, it was sort of interesting. I don't think it was quite like I expected, and I don't think I'll buy the book, but it was still interesting. The main message is that you can live a life even though you have cancer. Life doesn't just stop happening - it keeps going, and it can still be good. Even if you have cancer. That's a message for everyone, not just cancer patients.

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