Saturday, August 25, 2007

Just a little bit of Busker-watching

We went to the Busker festival this afternoon but the only buskers playing when we got there were the ones from last night. Then it started pouring rain, we got drenched, and we left.

We came back later in the evening and the same buskers as we'd seen yesterday were playing again, so we wandered around a bit. If we'd known that we were only ever going to see these ones we might have chosen to see something different yesterday :) Finally we got to see a new busker - Andy Zap, a comic from Australia. He makes fun of the audience members which is very funny. He does very little juggling. Eventually he strips down to a purple unitard and does an act involving audience members. It was ok - some of the things we've seen before. If you've seen the other acts that are playing, go and see him.

I don't think we'll go to see any more buskers tomorrow as I need to go to a fabric store in the US. The custom messenger bag order is actually coming together (yay!!!) and I need to get some supplies that I can't get here. This person wants the bag to hold her laptop so it'll have a slightly different construction than the previous bag. I'm charging $100 for these custom bags, which seems like a lot but which won't actually make me any money. Oh well; I'm doing it because I love it and because I want to make things. Making a profit is a bonus, I guess. Maybe someday I'll be famous enough that I can charge way more. Then y'all can say that you knew me when :)

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Anonymous said...

My high school friend is a famous fashion designer and she made this purse a few years back that Beyonce and her mom loved! Cool huh? I'm sooo going to tell everyone that you're my earring dealer when you're famous :)