Friday, August 24, 2007


It's the Waterloo Busker festival time again, and Ian and I spent some time there this afternoon and evening. Apparently the Waterloo fest is highly rated amongst performers which might be why they get them from places like Australia. Who knew?

We saw three full acts today: Wheel in Motion, Bamboozled, and Jeff Collins. Wheel in Motion was really, really good - we recommend that people in our region plan to see them. It's a duo act from Quebec with one person using one of those giant acrobatic wheel thingies. The first part of the show is fantastic - it's funny and it's attention-grabbing. The acrobatics are really, really good.

Bamboozled are a couple from Australia - Pandora Pink and Mr. Spin - who do a bunch of juggling, hat tricks, and cigar box tricks. Their act is good and their juggling is pretty spot-on. They're quite funny, too :) It rained through part of their performance but they kept the show going anyways. This was good, especially since it stopped raining, but it made their final trick harder. If you happen to be around while they're on, go and see them. It's worth it.

Jeff Collins is a single juggler who used to be part of a duo act, apparently. He claimed to have been on Sesame street but that may have been a joke (you might remember that I don't get jokes :). His juggling is ok and his patter is fine. His jokes tend to be a little off-colour which he excuses by saying that the kids won't get it anyway. If you had traveled to see Wheel in Motion and Bamboozled isn't playing, then you could see this act. He said that he is retiring from the road after this fest is done because he is married and has a five-week old baby. I guess if you're going to see him, you'd better do that this weekend.

The festival runs all weekend, and Ian and I will be there tomorrow and perhaps a little while on Sunday. There are more acts we want to see, after all :)

ps - we have SIX flowers on our two brugmansias!!!!!!!!!!!!! the plants are only about one to two feet tall - the flowers almost overwhelm the plants :) The pink flowers are so pretty :)

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