Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bellydancing fun

At least I made it to bellydancing today... after sleeping in until noon!!! It's hard to believe that I'm sleeping so much. Sigh.

There was a creepy guy standing in the front entryway of the building after the second class. The instructor locked the building shut but later there was a creepy guy outside. The studio isn't in the best area of town but they have never had those kinds of problems. Strange.

In the first class tonight we were working with the ball and I was able to stay with my hands and knees on the ball for quite a while - and then I was able to take one hand off! How cool is that? :)

BTW I missed the lunar eclipse last night. I think the sky was clear but if I'm sleeping I couldn't see it. Did any of you see it? Was it awesome?

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